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Szilard T. Veres

Director of Marketing

In the digital marketing realm for the past 5 years, I’ve played with budgets larger than the GDP of a small island nation – a cool €1,500,000. But I didn’t go splurge on an island. Instead, I turned it into a jaw-dropping €3,500,000 in revenue, catapulting projects across 14 countries. From Healthcare to Biotechnology, AI, Education, E-commerce, Automotive, and SaaS, my strategies have more diversity than a New York City subway. My secret weapon? Data-driven, tailored marketing strategies that can light up any channel like a Christmas tree. After all, who says you can’t have fun while delivering ROI?

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In the dynamic sphere of digital marketing, I’ve successfully enhanced Lead Generation for a B2B enterprise offering Linux Support. Capitalizing on a diverse array of advertising platforms such as Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn, and a budget of €11,000, I orchestrated a campaign that added a robust 1,290 new leads to our ever-growing client list.

For a GPS van tracking business, I meticulously trimmed their Cost Per Action (Purchase) by half, redefining the efficiency of their digital ad spend. A detailed analysis of their target audience served as the compass for my subsequent strategic optimization of Google and Facebook Ads. The result was a rewarding 5x Return-On-Ad-Spend in the initial month itself.

For MiStore, the official online platform for Xiaomi in Sweden and Denmark, I employed effective remarketing social ads. Operating on a budget of €10,500, I masterminded a campaign that drummed up sales worth an impressive €266,900.

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